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Where are they now


Here are some updates on where some of the West Coast Arabian Horses are now ... We would be thrilled to hear of any news of any horses and/or pony that we have bred or previously owned.


Astro is continuing his success in QLD - winning in Eventing and Dressage, keeping his young riders safe and very happy. The family are thrilled with his temperament and quality. 

(Tora Windigo x WC Annaversaree exp Mas)
Exodus was purchased by Debi and Ross Chisolm from Olvie Springs Endurance. He recently competed in  his first 80km ride and passed with flying colours. His new owners are very pleased with him and believe he has great potential. A sight unseen purchase - he is everything that was described. Exy has now been sold overseas to the UAE.


(WC Acharon x Statuesque)
 DOB 12/9/06
 Dr Monique Robinson has been the proud owner of Rivkah for the past 6 years (since Rivvie was 6 months old). Together they enjoy all facets of Natural Horsemanship and it is really nice for us to drive past and see her every day!  Rivvie is part of a natural healing programme that assists people with emotional trauma.


(WC Acharon x Yarraview Amber dec)
DOB 23/02/04
Memoree has been with Paula Harney and Trish McArthur for over 10 years (since he was a weanling colt). Together, Paula and Memoree have had a taste of everything – dressage, show horse and endurance. We hope to see him again once Paula’s baby commitments allow her the time!


(WC Acharon x Statuesque)

 DOB 19/9/07
Endurance rider, Sarah Burke has owned Mitzy since she was a youngster, some 7 years ago. Sarah wasted no time in easily and successfully breaking her in by herself and starting her up on slow work. They have also made their show ring and endurance debut.   Mitzy is a Qualified endurance horse


 (WC Acharon x Carmen Kadova)
Anna is continuing her successful Endurance career in Malaysia. She is a sought after competition horse in the Royal Terengganu Endurance Stables and we are looking forward to seeing her again very soon.   Anna recently won a 120km** in the fast time of 8 hours and was Open Best Conditioned Horse. Anna recently performed exceptionally at FEI level and recorded 27km/hr average in the final loop!!


(Tora Windigo dec x WC Natanya)
DOB 7/9/07
Was purchased as a weanling colt by our good friend, Christine Maroni who decided to abandon her WA mates and move to Qld! Unfortunately her horses couldn’t travel with her. Torah has now found a new home with Desiree and we look forward to hearing how they are getting along together.


(WC Acharon x Statuesque)

DOB  30/9/08
Asher was purchased by Jodie Luck of Almazaan Stud in South Australia as a future sire for her stud. Asher is broken in and is enjoying having a job to do – apart from his other job ! Asher is now a gelding and according to Jodie is one of the quietest horses on the property. 



(Dashanda Dhabi x Noran Parmelia)
DOB. 7/10/2000

Proudly owned by Mike Gill. Mike has campaigned Haifa successfully in Endurance both in WA and the Eastern States. They have now started camp drafting together! Mike is thrilled with how Haifa has tackled this new challenge. She has great cow sense and has received many compliments from experienced camp drafters, who are amazed that she is an Arabian! Haifa and Mike have a very special bond and she is his 'number 1 lady'.


W.C. Acharon x Maralinga Imagine That (Exp Malaysia)
DOB 30/11/2005

Sofi was exported to Malaysia midway through 2009. She was purchased by the owner of her dam (Maralinga Imagine That) because they loved this mare so much they wanted another one like her! Imagine That now resides on a breeding farm owned by the Royal Stables in South Africa.

At the end of 2009, we had the great opportunity to visit Sofi in her new environment. She is treated like a Royal Princess. She has been broken in which she took completely in her stride and is now competing. 



Nenuphar Nazarene (dec) x West Coast Princess Jasmine (Exp Malaysia)
DOB 1.9.02

West Coast Mehira had a epic adventure in 2009. His owners, Joanna Mc Cord and Christopher Haddon took Mehira across the Nullarbor to the 2009 NSW Tom Quilty as company for their top class endurance mare, West Coast Dayan. Mehira travelled like a dream and ate his way across the Nullarbor. He was a great travelling companion for Dayan and received many complements from the Eastern States. 



Karumba Viceroy x Ricval Kishara
DOB 19/1/01

Whilst at the Royal Stables of Kelantan in Malaysia we visited West Coast Aliyah who we hadn't seen for 7 years. In that time she has had two foals and has competed in endurance.

We were so impressed with the condition of our home bred horses. They are very well cared for and have an individual stable at night time and during periods of heavy rain. They have an individual training and feeding regime which is listed on a white board on the front of their stable. During the day, they have their own large green, well fenced paddock.



West Coast Acharon x Carmen Kadova
DOB 1/9/03

Sabra's owner, Bruce, contacted us in 2009 and mentioned he was taking Sabra to the Gin Gin social ride. We were so excited to hear from Bruce as we hadn't heard anything about Sabra since Bruce brought him about 5 years ago. Bruce mentioned also that he wouldn't part with Sabra for any money because he is such a brilliant horse.




West Hope Park Kasib was campaigned by us in endurance until he was 15 years old. During that time he became a crowd favourite. He practically had his own fan club. He travelled with us to South Australia in 2004 and gained a Quilty Buckle. He was a favourite mount for many different riders. The decision to sell Gruffy was extremely difficult but we are thrilled that he has found such a fantastic home.



Nenuphar Nazarene (dec) x Noran Parmelia
DOB 310/97

Jasmine was purchased by the King of Malaysia in 2004. She has proven to be an extremely capable endurance horse and has completed many FEI rides in Malaysia before becoming an important part of their breeding program. We had the good fortune to compete alongside her in the Sultan's Cup in 2007 where she successfully completed the 120km ** ride.  Jasmine is now enjoying broodmare duties and has produced lovely babies.



Silmaril Chand x Yarraview Amber

DOB 27/11/99

Dayan has been successfully campaigned by Christopher Haddon for the past 8 seasons. Together they have achieved an enviable endurance career. Some of their highlights include a Tom Quilty buckle in New South Wales in 2010, as well as winning several Western Australian 160km State Championship titles. Dayan also competed in  South Australia in 2011 for another Tom Quilty buckle. She is now having a rest and enjoying broodmare duties.


Fawley Samurai X Carmen Kadova

Zahav left our shores a 6 month colt some 13 years ago.  He is now a stuning palomino stallion who regularly competes in Endurance, dressage and breed shows.  He has numerous progeny competing in these sports also. We caught up with his owner, Barbara , when we were in NZ for the Trans Tasman competition - and enjoyed hearing all about him and his babies. We recently received an email from NZ from another breeder praising the attributes Zahav has passed on to his sons and daughters and their foals. Such wonderful feedback!