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Cuddletime Lops


Cuddletime Lops

Mini Lop Breeding Stud

Cuddletime Lops is a recently established Mini Lop rabbit stud (2011). We currently have five rabbits of breeding age who are Charlotte (female), Jaffa (female), Muffin (female), Lucius (male)  and Templeton (male). 

Please scroll down for available bunnies and recent news.

Charlotte is Black Otter in colour and was born of the 15th of June, 2011. She has a placid temperament and is very pretty! Her mother was a Chocolate Otter Mini Lop and her father an Orange Mini Lop.



Jaffa is a Sooty Fawn in colour and was born on the 15th of December, 2011. Jaffa is very energetic and has beautiful colouring. She has her first litter in October 2012.

Muffin is a full sister of Jaffa and is a Cinnomon colour, she was born in February of 2012. Muffin is a very sweet little bunny and has had her first litter in November 2012.


 Lucius is a Blue Eyed White buck and was born mid way through 2012. I purchased him hoping to get some Blue Eyed White kits in my future litters! He was last mated to Jaffa in late December, hopefully some Easter Bunnies will come along!


Templeton is Broken Fawn in colour and was born on the 14th of June, 2011. He has the Blue Eyed gene (from his father's side). His dad was a Blue Eyed White rabbit (his mother being a Seal Point and his dad being Blue Eyed White also). Templeton's mother is a Blue and White Butterfly (her father was a Sooty Fawn and her mother a Black and White Butterfly). Templeton is an active fellow who loves cuddles and is always seeking attention.

 Each rabbit has been very well handled, is healthy and are exeptionally friendly (not to mention irresistably cute and cuddly).

The rabbits all come with:

1x Weeks' supply of feed

1x Care and managment booklet

The rabbits are $65. If you wish to put a rabbit on hold, please email me at cuddletimelops@hotmail.com. Deposits for holding rabbits is 50%

Please look below for updates on the breeding program:

12/12/14- Two bunnies from the litter are still available; the sooty fawn and the tri colour with the lilac nose! 

12/11/14- The latest litter consists of one sooty fawn and three tri colours! 

19/10/14- Cuddletime Lops welcomes the last litter for the year- five cute kits from Jaffa x Templeton! They are only a few days old however it appears there are a couple of sooty fawns, tri colours and a seal point. WIll be available mid- December; perfect for Chirstmas! 

10/10/14- Currently available 1x Cinnamon buck from Muffin x Lucius. A very gorgeous little bunny!- SOLD

1/9/14- Currently looking to expand the breeding program! If you have any purebred mini lops please contact me! Charlotte, one of our breeding does, has been retired. 

26/7/14- Cuddletime Lops has sold all of the bunnies from previous litters. The next litter is expected mid August with sales to be in October

5/5/14- Cuddletime Lops has had  5 litters this year with all bunnies going to lovely homes. Charlotte has had her last litter and is being retire due to her age. Currently we have the following bunnies in the nest to be available in July:

2x Sooty Fawn (one doe and one buck)- SOLD

1x Frosted pearl with steal points (doe)- SOLD

1x Blue Tortoiseshell (doe)- SOLD

2x Tri Colours (does)- SOLD

7/11/13- Breeding has wrapped up for the year and we have had a very successful year. A reminder to all new bunny owners that they can contact me at any time to ask questions about their new pet!

30/5/13- It has been a pretty full year for the Cuddletime Lops stud! We have had three litters so far this year, one with each female, and all of the bunnies were very cute! We look forward to hopefully two more litters being born next month, so keep watching this space for updates on the coming bunnies.  


Colours from the last litters included: Black self, Black Otter, Blue Tortoishell, Seal Point, Black Frosted Pearl and Fawn.

13/1/13- Are you interested in trialing rabbit breeding and don't want to go to the expenses of purchasing a buck and another hutch? Cuddletime Lops is now offering their two bucks, Templeton and Lucius, up for once off breedings. Price for one doe to be mated is $60 and the price for two does is $100. Please email if you are interested!


12/1/13- Happy New Year! In a few weeks from now a new litter will be ready to be sold. Charlotte and Templeton's fourth litter will be 6-8 weeks at the end of Jan/early Feb. Below is a list of availability:

1x Black Otter- SOLD

1x Blue Otter- SOLD

1x Chocolate Tort- SOLD

1x Sooty Fawn- SOLD

1x Tri Colour (Chocolate, Blue and White)- SOLD

Prices and gender confimations are yet to come- so watch this space!

19/12/12- Charlotte and Templeton's fourth litter has been born with 5 chubby, healthy bunnies. As far as I know, I have a black otter, a blue otter, two light sooty fawns (possibly cinnamon) and a tri colour. They will be available late Jan/early Feb. Genders and colour confirmations will be updated here in the comming weeks! If you are after more information on one of these available bunnies or are looking to put on on hold, please don't hesitate to contact me on cuddletimelops@hotmail.com


8/12/12- Muffin and Templeton's litter is available for sale. I have six very healthy kits in beautiful colours and are all very small and cute! They have all been sold and were very popular with Christmas just around the corner!:

1x Sable Point doe- SOLD

1x Blue Tortoiseshell doe- SOLD

1x Orange Spotted doe- SOLD

1x Orange Spotted buck- SOLD

1x Orange Butterfly buck- SOLD


15/11/12- Jaffa and Templeton litter of five have all been sold. The colours were:

2x Sable Points does - SOLD

1x Tri Coloured doe- SOLD

1x Blue Tortoiseshell doe- SOLD

1x Tri Coloured buck- SOLD


Here is a Sable Point from the litter- very cute!


9/10/12- The rabbits from the last litter from Charlotte and Templeton have all sold. Colours were:

1x Tri Coloured doe- SOLD

Unfortunately, we had a very hard time with this winter and lost 6 of our 7 kits to cold weather in the first few days of their birth. We have decided now to no longer breed in the winter months.


4/10/12- Jaffa and Templeton have had their first litter! 6 healthy, beautifully coloured kits have been born. They will be available in Mid November for sale.


18/4/12- The rabbits from the last litter have all sold. The colours were:

1x Sooty Fawn buck- SOLD

1x Cinnamon doe- Retained for Breeding

2x Blue (a doe and a buck)- SOLD

1x Blue and White Butterfly buck- SOLD

2x Tri Coloured bucks- SOLD


The rabbits were all very popular over Easter! Thank you to Lisa for her message about her Tri Coloured buck that she has named Snuggles:

"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for Snuggles. He is settled in nicely and appears to be happy. We chose the name Snuggles because he is so cuddly and that is all thanks to you for the amount of time you spend with your bunnies! You should be very proud of yourself, thank you again! Lisa"

If you have purchased a rabbit I would love it if you could send a picture of you and your bunny and message saying who his/her name is!

22/2/12- We had a litter of 7 born today. There is a variety of colours including some spectactular Butterfly patternings in this litter.

26/1/12- Will be expecting another litter mid Feb. The bunnies from the previous litter all sold within a week of advertising. We are using Gumtree as the main advertiser.

19/1/12- Rabbits will be available from 29/1/12. Below are the rabbits that will be available on that date:

1x Black buck- SOLD

1x Sooty Fawn doe- SOLD

1x Black doe- SOLD

1x Cream doe- SOLD

1x Light Cream doe- SOLD


Below are pictures at 4-5weeks:

7/1/12- The bunnies have all grown very quickly. They had opened their eyes by the 1st of Jan revealing they were all brown. I took them out for their first run in their enclosure today and they loved it- hopping around, nibbling at the grass. Eventually they all fell in an exhausted heap with mum, Charlotte. So far I have only been able to confirm the colours of two of the five bunnies and they are the two darker ones whose coats are black. The genders and the colours of the other bunnies will be found out in the weeks to come.

Below are some photos of the bunnies at 2-3 weeks of age.


18/12/11- Charlotte gave birth to her first litter of kits today. There are 5 kits in total, two have black skin and the remain three have white. These kits all look very healthy and will be available for sale on the 7th of Feb 2012, when they are 52 days old (8 weeks). 

Here are some pictures of the kits when they were a few days old:


If you are seeking more photos or information about Cuddletime Lops, please:

Ring: 0419 198 976 or 9525 3506

Email: cuddletimelops@hotmail.com